There’s no better way to start this off but by asking questions..

Do save vacation/travel money all year round just to travel one time out of year for a weekend or just two weeks? Do you love to travel without restrictions? Do you wish to travel with affordability and flexibility? I’m sure everyone answered YES! YES! & YES!  So now that we got that out the way.

Now let’s get to business! There’s a company app named Airbnb one out of many but Airbnb is the one I have used serval times and highly recommend. Here’s the 411 you download the app sign up to an account and search using filters to pinpoint and square down what you want to spend and what type of place you want to stay in and where you’d like to stay reserve your stay and arrive and enjoy your stay You can add amenities as well, it just all depends on what you plan out weather it’s for vacation or a weekend getaway.  First time I used Airbnb was in 2017 for a weekend at a quite town in a countryside northern part of Florida USA.  If your formilair with Airbnb you know some places are hosted by the owner of the property rented. Which was my experience that weekend the hosts were very inviting yet respectful to mine and my guests privacy they served us breakfast for our stay as it is a part of doing Airbnb as a host I rented out one out of their three bedroom I had full access to the entire home pool yard kitchen living space laundry room etc,it was like having roommates the hosts were very pleasant which lead me to reserve another stay but this time in an entire home which I extended my stay and reserved another home after check out day came along. All done with ease.

Which leads me to the matter that a lot of people like myself prefer to be in total privacy which is also available with Airbnb. Again you choose where you want to stay meaning the town state county alongside you choose your space a room or an entire house etc. The price I paid was great it was less then what I would have paid for a hotel stay and travel expenses all together.

With Airbnb you can also become a host in my view it’s better then renting you don’t have to deal with the Hassle of tenants for one and you get to meet new people from all around the world make new friends oh and the best part make good income. If your not hosts no your empty place then using Airbnb is just as brilliant why not spend half of what you would normally spend on expensive hotels that have poor customer service and rude employees most of the time.Anyone that is considering going out of town or traveling across the world Airbnb is everywhere and the new trend of this era book your dates and enjoy your stay in the comfort of someone else’s rental home.

Next time your planning your vacation or a weekend getaway I recommend using Airbnb you won’t regret it. Also if you refer someone and they use the coupon you send them you get a discount and or a percentage on your next stay anywhere you choose of course so basically you don’t lose. #airbnb

Happy and safe travels !

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