I find it to be ironic that We live in a world that is filled with so much knowledge and intelligence that even yet we are all sometimes just left with mind bobbing questions that no one can answer at times, I don’t know if some of our unanswered questions falls under myths,tales or fictional semi-truths ?

So here goes what I don’t have any knowledge of haha who’s ever confessed to that? Anyways I’m an observant person and noticed the smallest things and the most noticeable, I sometimes raise the subject with others of am I the only one who has ever noticed what we say are coincidences ?

Ever watched a new released or an old movie for the first time and in the movie something happens such as a tornado somewhere in Texas or an earthquake in Mexico or a Tsunami in Japan? Just to name a few (All weather related in my examples keep in mind)  then days weeks or even months years pass by and the same thing you once watched  in a movie is happening in real life? Is that Coincidence ?

So now this raises more questions keeping my examples of weather which one day I will follow up and track my own suspicions etc to these questions otherwise I’ll go crazy because just like many others I myself have to have knowledge of my curiosities but that’ll be for another blog. Now we all can at least agree to disagree that the government have and does at times control and create many weather climates?! Having that been said is it coincidence that some incidents we are shown in movies is a sometimes a warnings or hints or Just put in our faces since the government looks at most-to all people (civilians) as intelligent to say it in polite way of what is to come for us in the future ?

You be the judge is it coincidences or not ?

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