Hello again my fellow travelers today I’ll be discussing in terms of review of the Hilton Hotel of Downtown Tampa Florida!!

Just as many by now should know I love to travel and explore with that being said let me just jump right it. Well just last weekend I bought some tickets to a really bad ass event which the review for that is currently on reserve to share so stay tuned anyhow I didn’t want to drive the two hour trip to come back home so I got online and searched for the closest Hotel near my event I found about a hand full but the Hilton Of Downtown Tampa caught my eye for one reason out of all the other hotels nearby the Hilton was the only one that offered free cancellation, even though I knew I wasn’t going to cancel but I normally brace and prepare myself for anything when traveling due to many other past experiences. So anyways I ended up booking a room immediately which I really appreciated the not only have the free cancellation but now I didnt have to pay until I get to the hotel well actually the day of checkout which was great! And so after making my reservation and booking my stay I called the next day to confirm my reservation and it was still on hold for me which was another wonderful plus since I’ve experience losing my reservations in the past in other hotels. The day of arrival the check in time was at 3pm which was  kinda wacky for me but I went along with it.

Once i arrived the valet was very informative about parking arrangements if I chose to have valet parking while my stay in which I did simply because I felt being in the downtown metro area I wasn’t going to find a secure reusable parking space. So I left my car with the valet feeling at ease knowing I had my car parking situation taken care for me for a small fee of course but I say it was worth it. Walking in the hotel everyone was very welcoming the lines were many and they were moving fast as multiple guests were checking in. My check in was very fast as well and the guest service professional was polite. Once I got to my room it was very stunning to say the least I chose the king suite which happened to be on the 13th floor with a poolside view that was based on the lower level of the hotels rooftop the pool view was very nice as well as the city view I had especially at night when the city is lighten up.

Once after arrival I didn’t get to enjoy my room very long since I had to get ready for my event which was only a five minute walk away from the hotel, once I was close to ready I called the valet number provided and asked for my vehicle to be brought to the main entrance once i got to the main floor and stepped outside my car was ready for me. Returning from my event the valet took my vehicle and very politely asked me how was my evening and told me Goodnight after a brief moment of conversation. The hallways and the entire hotel itself was very clean and neat seemed and kept in a high class form which was very pretty there weren’t rowdy guests anywhere my bed was perfect and so was everything inside the room i highly recommend this hotel itself i won’t speak upon amenities because I didn’t get to explore inside as liked but they did have a media station and a gym and in house restaurant and bar which closed at 11pm, if this hotel were to be rated by stars I’d give it 4 stars hands down. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #hilton

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Happy & safe travels!

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