Hello again, if by now your reading this blog of what I’ll call my intermission of introduction, please keep in mind I will not be disclosing any real names due to privacy laws. Everyone i mention in my blogs are real people that once were or or in my life now.

So With that being said drum role please,

As many would already know I am the smallest child out of nine children and two half siblings as I mentioned in my very first blogs. So I will not give away their true identities therefore I will announce and mention in the form of numbers from 1-9. One being the oldest the and 9th being the youngest the 10th &11th I’ll mention as half 10 and half 11.

I hope everyone is enjoying and really getting the overall lesson I was taught and now passing to teach because like I always say sometimes we can’t just learn from our own life matters and or mistakes but to also learn from someone else’s.

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