Hello ladies,

It’s the obvious of what I’m ranting about today so I’ll just jump right into it.

So I myself needing to wear a strapless bra to accommodate my outfit for an event I was attending, I started my shopping search for the perfect strapless bra having to go to my local Wal-Mart for other items I walked past the woman’s section i figured to myself why not! Asking the employees for their section of such bras well thank goodness I was introduced to this Laced bra-like strapless bra the female employee was mentioning that even though she herself haven’t used it she hears that it works like a regular all around bra. Having her tell me that I went into looking into every adhesive strapless the store had. They had random silicone typed even watered typed strapless bras. Which leads me as to why I decided to buy this specific one.

I personally liked that it is and has the laced material on the outside even though if they do come out with one with a silky material I will most definitely purchase,the inside of the bra is made with some sort of silicone but not to much to make it appear as I got a breast enhasment. It does have the entire inner cup in adhesive which is easy to place and easily painless to remove, there are also side sticky tabs that will support the entire part of your sides to firm the hold. Now the overall product itself is good and the price was fare at close to $25.00 total the support it gives is just the same as having straps and the fit is remarkably comfortable not to fail to mention the slight psychical enhasment (boost) that we would only get from a all around material strapless bra only thing I question is maintenance such as washing it I assume the adhesive will melt or come off which in my view the bra will b defective I believe it can be  washed with a wet cloth because if wiped dry then common sense the clothes lint will get stuck on the cups adhesive.

I’ve also noticed the different rages of prices which they all do the same job they support and cover your breast without straps attached. Some have more material to them then another brand the styles are somewhat alike in all of them down to the touch.  Anyways if ever in need to wear a strapless bra this would be one I recommend.

Happy shopping!

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