Ever lived or kept in open mind that everything you do in life is to better yourself and or for your family ?

I have to an extent in my childhood years which lead to my adulthood goals and accomplishments like I mentioned in my previous blog (September) my mother became very sick after 18 years of marriage and finally becoming freed from domestic violence she was diagnosed with cancer which only lasted about eight years those eight years I did everything To make her proud Knowingly that her days with me have been cut short termed and time was ticking even though I was rebelling of some sort and behaving of my age at the time I wanted her to be witness of my accomplishments while she was still alive I guess she has always been my motivation to do better and to strive to be that rock that she once was as every child wants to follow or grow up to be like someone they look(ed) up to.

I can now only want and can wish for her to know how thankful i am for being my motivation if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have and will be to get though whatever is to come.

I guess in life we all need a motivator or a good enough reason to walk our purposed path weather it’s alone or holding someone’s hand which is not for long if we look at it people are placed in our lives for a very short time they walk run even crawl with us but eventually that road splits and there’s where we all must part our own ways leads me to the phase nothing or no one lasts forever unfortunately that is very true and unfortunately I learned this very early in life. But what a life lesson that has been it has helped me to cope with a lot of situations though out my life but one thing is for sure This is not for me but for you.

In loving memory of E.Tollinchi. 1940/1992

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