Just Like every other month in the passing years The month of September comes and goes just as fast as the weather chances. Memories fade with each passing year nevertheless we hold on to only the pinned moments and memories in our minds that are only linked to our hearts and minds.

In September I born to a Hispanic (Puerto Rican) family with lots of memories of Love,unity,violence, loved by many relatives and some siblings I witnessed the unity my mother held like a champ within the family as an adult now I know she was the rock that held everyone and everything. Only twice I witnessed domestic violence that only my father brought to my mother every time he drank in parties and such which almost killed her both times but the second time was were it all ended in her book after 18 years of marriage she decided to call it quits that or the fact that her sons my siblings were old enough to defend her and run our father out the house never to return again. I was five years old when that happened and in the time I became to feel a certain way about my father (men) even though the rest of the men my siblings were tender and loving to me and the women around me,

From there on my father visited seldomly not remembering any sort of relation I had with him prior or afterwards. September became just a month of the year nothing spectacular times got harder for my mother her older children moved on with their lives and families , time lead her to pass after she was diagnosed with cancer for myself it was a new world,life experiencing molistation from my step father as my mother was becoming more sick. Hardly remembering celebrations in September before five years old I don’t remember any celebrations afterwards either,

In my own moral thoughts I don’t see these captured memorized moments as bad I feel and tend to train my mind to believe that someone else had worst.

A day of the month where everyone celebrated is now just a day you celebrate within.


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