The rumor is that Life’s a beach! So I say why not go to the one that’s rated the #1 beach in the state of Florida in the USA!? So grab your beach bag and let’s go to Siesta keys Beach.

I can see why this beach has been continuously holds its title as it’s consecutively rated/voted the #1 beach in Florida. I’m a regular visitor and will continue to be for a long time. Let me start by saying this beach is extremely beautiful with it’s clean environment overall,clean white sand, the warm Caribbean like clear and clean water. Makes this beach #1. However the One thing I must say that’s a bit on the negative side is the parking is horrible in order to get a spot you’ll have to go in the way hours of the morning or you’ll drive in circles until you find a spot and it’s known for people to literally argue or fight over a parking space. I guess like every other well known popular public places it depends on the days and times you arrive to get easy access to a parking space. But other then that this place is great the beach has no heavy crowds of people throughout the beach from my many visit experiences there, they often have movie night which is great for a evening in the beach as the sun comes down with that special someone or with family. They also have events during the day of sand sculptures competitions which are beautifully amazing and fun to view such art.

The water is beautifully clear and clean and warm you can literally see your feet in the sand while inside the water. The water is peaceful and hardly with rip current reports or shark attacks which happen often in Florida. As your floating on your backside in the water or just swimming around you’ll see the parasailors passing by which is also cool here at Sisesta keys beach you’ll experience everything that a true beach is supposed to be. The boardwalk area has its restrooms a few food shops and even a sitting deck where you can hangout and enjoy the beach view from above grounds.

So if I ever had to rate this beach from a scale from 1-5 I would give it a 4-1/2 stars and with that it’s just because of the downside of the parking situation as mentioned upon. Other then that I would’ve given it a 5.

If ever visiting Florida don’t fail to visit this beach you won’t regret it. I have shared some personal and collected pictures for you all to enjoy.

Happy and safe travels! #siestakeysbeach

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