Ever think life couldn’t get any worst ?

I used to think the same every time one situation jumped to another situation life never stopped well at least the lessons of life I should say looking back to how my life was i can say it wasn’t so bad as time and moments pass.

I was born in Queens New York in the late 70’s to a Hispanic (Puerto Rican) family smallest out of nine children and two step siblings mother was abused by my father for many years siblings well their just that siblings.

As an adult I now know I followed the same circle of life as my mother relationship wise i walked into a toxic relationship and became a teenage parent can’t say it was all abusive or bad because I’d be lying but life itself sure was hard as if it wasn’t already before my toxic relationship.

It lead me to where I am today in the middle of nowhere with an amazing person starting what I call the end of a new beginning Now knowing that life really wasn’t as bad or hard as I thought it was and knowing that things do get better.

Feeling silly to ever think or question myself once or one hundred times lol if life couldn’t get any worst because it wasn’t all bad or horrific situations it was just life lessons few bumbs on the road our minds are created to see all the bad and negatives but hardly the good and positives I say and now know if we train our mindsets correctly our situations will be just the same.

My future blogs will explain Stay tuned!


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