Wahlburgers restaurant in Orlando Florida, is one of thee best places to get a good quick bite! The moment you walk in it’s spaciously family orientated well maintained area you’ll see it’s decorated walls throughout the restaurant with posters and or signed autographs of one or all of the Wahlburgers brothers. So Once your greeted by The hostesses where they also have a display of Wahlburgers souvenir which you can purchase. Once you check in with your hostess the wait time to be seated depends on how packed this specific restaurant is I’ve been there three times and i had three different wait times my first time visiting I was seated quickly my second time visiting I had to wait for less then four minutes and my third time visiting I had about a five minute wait so again it all depends on how packed the place is. Once seated the servers attend their tables fast and are very alert to their tables very interactive, informative with their customers and knowledgeable of their menu. Now it’s time to pull out your napkins! Let’s talk about the food it’s very good overall which is the reason I visited three times. I personally ordered the sweet potato tots with a cranberry dipping sauce they served it with oh my goodness was it good they weren’t greasy and the serving itself was filling the onion rings were also one of my favorites they were thin yet not greasy at all! Which is surprisingly odd to get from a semi fast food restaurant. Their milk shakes are also on point along with their burgers, I personally had the Jenn’s chicken burger and that has become my favorite I’ve also tasted thier mushroom burger and it was decent and I only say decent because I don’t like mushrooms. The food was all very well seasoned so everything I ordered had flavor not bland at all and it was perfectly cooked who ever is managing this specific restaurant in the Orlando area deserves a raise because they are for sure running this restaurant as Great As it is presented to be and that’s exactly what it is Great! If I had to rate this restaurant from a scale of one -five I would give it a 4-1/2 stars reason for that is because of its hours of business they close to early.

I have shared some random pictures of my own visit and others I’ve collected for everyone to view. #wahlburgers

Happy eating!

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