Did you know that most Theme parks have extra side events and shows ?

Sea World in Orlando Florida is one of many theme parks that do extra side events & shows. On anyone’s regular visit to Sea World they would only attend to the regular shows given every hour or so and then walk the park, buy food from the venders yadda yadda but here’s what some still haven’t discovered about this specific park for an additional separate price (or you can get a discounted price if your a theme park members) you can reserve your table at the Dine with Shamu restaurant. Here’s where I come in with my input from personal experience.

Once you reserve your table days ahead your given a time to be at the entrance of the restaurant which is where they hold the killer whales when they aren’t preforming once they check you in the seating areas (where you dine) is very comfortable and spacious enough for many dinning guests, servers /employees etc: which is exactly located above the killer whale tank (pretty neat) once you are assigned your table you are able to get up and head inside to where they have a very well displayed catered serving area, the food is not your theme park fast food (don’t know if menu changes) when I attended they served turkey,chicken,pork even potatoes,salads,deserts, mind you it’s all you can eat and drink which, if you look at it in the financial view your getting your money’s worth. So down to the silverware it was an upkeep all around service.

The entertainment is somewhat with little interaction with the killer whale you are educated of the animal from one or servals trainers that are at this time also feeding the killer whale or teaching it new tricks which I personally believe and can be completely incorrect is that they do these “dining with Shamu” show/event as part of a training technique so the killer whale will get accustomed to preforming with people around them. But that’s another subject to discuss later on I guess. Anyways the show lasts about a little over an hour or so your able to take pictures and video footage of your experience.

If I had to rate this event/show from a scale 1-5 I would give it 5 stars.. below I have shared some personal and collected pictures for all to enjoy!

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