Not to many people are fortunate to say they’ve been saved by their vehicle luckily I’m one of them. And not alone do I give all my thankful praises to God I thank Volkswagen for making such incredible vehicles.

July 20,2017 10:30 pm due to no fault of my own My car 2016 Volkswagen Passat collided with a 18 wheeler flat bed head on, I was badly injured to were I had to learn how to do a lot of things we normally take for granted chewing walking, sitting,using the restroom, you know the things we harmlessly are unaware of. Nevertheless I somewhat overcame that once again because I personally believe there is a God, that gave me a second chance at life & secondly the vehicle I was driving. Many might ask but how the vehicle if you almost lost your life ? Well ladies and gentlemen look at the key word ‘Almost’. Well here’s the thing even though my injuries were bad And the vehicle was a total loss but to the bare eye it was intact yes the airbags deployed which was/is a great safety feature. Anyways when I went to see the vehicle in the junkyard for the very first time after the accident which was very emotional I noticed that the front of the car there was a beam that followed from the left to the right side of the vehicle, well that my friends is what saved my life! I wouldn’t feel any safer in any other vehicle other then a Volkswagen! The way they are built is brilliant and literally thinking about their customers not just money like so many other car manufacturers. So yes even though it’s a foreign vehicle and the parts are pricey please remember when shopping for a vehicle that your life and the life of your loved ones have no price! If I had to rate Volkswagen from a scale of one-five I would give it a 10! For there styles of elegance and sporty vehicles but overall there safety features.

I have shared some images of how beautiful these vehicles are & images of my own vehicle after the accident keep in mind of what the vehicle was collided with.

Safe travels and happy driving! #Volkswagen

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