Welcome back to school,

How many first time, young mothers are frantically shopping for back to school supplies,clothing and when the first day of school passes and your child(ren) has returned from school your child(ren)’s say they didn’t need most or all the supplies you bought them ? If this hasn’t happened yet just wait as the school years pass by (speaking from experience of course). Well my fellow parents here’s the 411 on how and when to shop for school supplies.

Well first off unless your child(ren) come running to you with requests of everything and everything they see in the school years television commercials don’t go bananas clothes shopping quite yet firstly make sure that your child(ren)’s school doesn’t require uniforms if they do then shop for your child(ren)’s clothes accordingly without braking your piggy bank the only thing in (my opinion) that should be of well expensive or on personal budget is what shoes,sneakers, you buy them. Remember you kid will be walking around the school wearing and tarring them up so you want to make sure they have something on their feet that won’t fall apart while running in recess. On clothing you should consider just purchasing one maybe two outfits depending how fast you’ll go get them clothing. It’s always best to wait for the school or a letter from your child(ren)’s teacher which they mainly send out the first day of school, that’s when you should take that list and go clothes shopping and when doing so you’ll be the smart parent getting your child(ren)’s clothes to accordance of the schools wants, needs and policy etc: , same goes for the supplies…

Heres where you’ll set yourself for success why?,how?  Well for starters you probably won’t get the no tax back to school sale but don’t let that get you bummed out just yet by now back to school prices go back to normal or more down to 50% off sales etc: which saves you a fortune! This can also be done before the school year starts if you already know what the school is going to ask of you and your child(ren).

Happy shopping and school year!


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