Ok Friends! Let’s discuss the one thing I hardly see or hear about these days of Friendship! Who came up with it, who invented the word, leaves us all asking ourselves who are our friends!? Now what I’m about to say might be a myth but then again who really knows everything spoken upon is behind documentations and so I’ll leave it at that but did you know that…

The Japanese have a term, kenzoku, which translated literally means “family.” The connotation suggests a bond between people who’ve made a similar commitment and who possibly therefore share a similar destiny. It implies the presence of the deepest connection of friendship of lives lived as comrades from the distant past.Many of us have people in our lives with whom we feel the bond described by the word kenzoku. They may be family members, a mother, a brother, a daughter, a cousin. Or a friend from grammar school with whom we haven’t talked in decades. Time and distance do nothing to diminish the bond we have with these kinds of friends.

The question then arises? why do we have the kind of chemistry encapsulated by the word kenzoku with only a few people we know and not scores of others? The closer we look for the answer the more elusive it becomes. It may not in fact be possible to know, but the characteristics that define a kenzoku relationship most certainly are! Now the true question comes to play, What makes people consider others as “Friends”? Common interest’s, history,common values umm let’s see what else Oh yeah equality! . If one friend needs the support of the other on a consistent basis such that the person depended upon receives no benefit other than the opportunity to support and encourage, while the relationship may be significant and valuable, it can’t be said to define a true friendships. So now it leaves us all with the two questions we all must really ask ourselves am I a true friend to someone and secondly who is the one person I can say is my Friend!


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