Ever wonder what’s all the fuss about ? Everywhere you turn your head whether it’s in a newspaper, magazine,television,social ads post boards etc: you see Poshmark. For those who haven’t explored the site or know the about and why’s to this company get ready to get some peeks and sneaks.

What’s Poshmark about? Poshmark is a digital marketplace where people from the United States can buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes and accessories. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California. You Shop your favorite brands with sale offers up to 70% Off at Poshmark! You can have or attend Virtual shopping parties. Poshmark has an estimated 700,000 sellers and that number is growing by the seconds. You basically Buy and sell fashion. Posh Protects Millions of shoppers from fraudulent sellers all items over $500.00 must and will go through their headquarters in California to be inspected by their product authenticator’s so anything under the $500.00 selling marked price it’s up to you to basically be a smart shopper and do your own homework or have the knowledge of the value of what and how much you’re spending. So as you see It’s all elementary.

So using posh just to buy can be done at ease and with a peace of mind. To sell on posh is just as easy anyone can do it literally! Once you make an account it gives you all the proper tools you’ll need to run your online business and use the world business because if your going to sell you need to remember that this is your online store front just like if it were your very own little boutique in your local downtown area and for it to be popular and make good business you have to treat your online store just as you would with a physical store you would own.

Here are some images that were collected that gives a preview of what your account tools will look.

Happy Poshing , Happy shopping! #poshmark

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