August 4th 2018 at the Amalie Arena In Tampa Florida.

The excited and devoted fans of the well-known comedian Mr.Kevin Hart were crowding up from at least 2 miles away as the traffic was tremendous but all kept moving in a timely and safely manner with the help of the Tampa police department officers who were centered of each passing block that lead the fans closer to the arena which took me a good 20 minutes. Once I found a parking garage i could see hundreds of Kevin Hart fans. Once I entered the arenas outside property those fans became thousands! There were a multiple of different cultures waiting to attend the show the crowds were not rowdy in any form all that was seen is the excitement in the people’s behaviors. Once inside the seating area indie the arena we were all told we could not use any cellular or recording devices since Mr. Kevin Hart was doing a brand new performance /show for a few people you can see as the arenas security was telling them to please put their phones away were bothered by a simple rule. I myself was told to put it away as I waited for the seats to fill as fans were out purchasing their food and drinks I didn’t mind by their request and immediately stored my cell phone in my purse. As waiting for the seats to fill we listened to an R&B group called Mint Condition they were very well-known in the 90’s. And so Before we knew it the announcer was on stage welcoming us all and telling a few jokes of his own as he presented the first person out of two to come out as the opening act which were performing comedians from what I believe to be also in B.E.T comedy shows or at least well known comedians the first guy was pretty funny but the last guy was making the crowds laugh none stop!

Then the moment we were all waiting for as the announcer gives his lively introduction of Kevin Hart the announcer’s voice fades and a megaton screen starts to play a funny skit of Kevin himself. The skit lasts at least 4 minutes or so as the ending of the skit we hear heart beating sounds becoming louder and louder closer and closer as all the arenas lights are flashing red and white everyone in the arena was cheering clapping whistling yelling and Boom! Mr.Kevin Hart is standing in the stage as the flashing lights became  bright and stabled enough for everyone to see normally. The crowd went wild as Mr Kevin Hart began to speak, he calmed the crowds very quickly and started his opening joke topic which was His children catching him and his wife having sex. He ended his act with himself and family skiing in aspen and his wife having a sexual experience  with the singer Seals spit.

I won’t go into specific details to his performed jokes for privacy laws but for the record I say I have been to a prior comedy show called The comedy get Down with George Lopez,Cedric the entertainer,Eddie griffin,D.L hughly and the late Charlie Murphy back in 2017 in the Orlando’s Amway arena and I literally cried and almost pee my pants with that being said I know every comedian has their own acts and levels of funny and hilarious in my opinion being a fan of Kevin Hart as a comedian I feel he could’ve been funnier however it was well worth the experience.

At the very end of his act he allowed everyone in the arena to take out their phones and take pictures and or videos as it was highly inforced not to do so otherwise the person(s) were going to be removed without refund if caught using their phones after given the green light the crowd took out their phones and lit the place up as Kevin was instructing us he wanted to see a somewhat candlelight effect which I already seen that interacting performance with Cedric the entertainer. But back to Kevin he stood on stage for less then 4 minutes as his fans took pictures and videos of him once he was completely out of sight, The crowd were out of the arena somewhat quickly once everyone got to their vehicles it took about a good 25-30 minutes for the traffic to completely clear.

Overall it was a wonderful evening and experience.

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