Past posts tells us everything we needed to know about Hospice care.

Now let’s get to know the differences between Hospice and A.L.F = Assisted Living Facility. A hospice is a place where people mostly the elderly at times go when they have illnesses that will cause death in a what is called a time frame. (But hardly is ever the true case) Their Goal and mission is to give the client comfort proper medical treatment and overall care.  An Assisted Living Facility is a place where people mostly the elderly and  younger clients depending on health situations. Etc: Their mission is to Assist the client with their everyday needs whether it be preparing your meals taking out the clients medication, clothing from closet etc:

Now like every place we are all surprised to know the truths about when exposed by media news not all places run and operate as they are supposed to be. I think we can all agree on that.

Having former experiences in such facilities I can somewhat throw the can of beans on the floor or let the shit hit the fan per say due to hipa laws. (But of course)

Some A.L.F’s don’t run and operate they the way they are supposed to, for starters they overwork their staff some staff at times aren’t even qualified to work in such places not all A.L.F’s even drug-screen which is horrific to even think because this is where not only regular medication starts to go missing but  narcotics as especially which are always somehow used in such place. Most A.L.F’s don’t even have Certified staff to administer these medications which is also a scary thought of having a loved one being “Assisted” with medications which some of these places even go as far to take full responsibility as to when the client is supposed to take/have their medication which takes me back to what these facilities aren’t  allowed to do and allowed too. So what’s going on ? Well I’m sure everyone has heard of the phrase (Money is the route of all evil). To these facilities need all the bread and butter they can get and with expiring clients well they can’t so they try to play God and prolong these ill clients lives with medication and semi good care.

So as mentioned in the prior post (Retired Certified Nurses Assistant speaks of What to look for when searching for Hospice Care.) the same rules apply she searching for an Assisted Living Facility for your loved one or yourself .

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