Love natural long fingernails ? Let me share a little secret I’ve held for several years about my very own long fingernails. For one let me start off by saying I used to bite my fingernails when in my younger years but always had an infatuation with long nails but all natural of course not the acrylic fake nails.

I started to do research and learned that the more a person bites their nails the more brittel they’ll become so you’ll want to discontinue that habit. You’ll want to focus on your fingernails a bit more often then normally if you have no to short fingernails until they grow long enough to where you won’t have to even attend to care as much but when they get long you’ll love them enough that you’ll want to flaunt them more which will lead you to extra care and maintenance. What has worked for me and formant others has is very inexpensive and very easy in one word. (Garlic)! Yes Garlic!!! Who would of ever known?

You will need to take a fresh unwrapped garlic wedge and rub or massage  your cuticle you can do this as long as you like it will never harm your skin or fingernails. Maintain your fingernails clean and remove your cuticles seldomly to maintain the growth process active. (Cuticles prevent your nails from growing) You will want to paint your nails at least 3-4 times a week weather it’s with colored nail polish that can be done at home which is inexpensive or you can treat yourself to a nail salon visit if you choose the extra pampering. But mainly you can use clear nail polish.  Reason for this treatment is because you nail needs nutrition that you’ll get from acetone evert time you remove your nail polish. Same goes for the nail polish it contains base coat which prevents harmful microscopic germs, chemicals & acids that you come into contact with on a everyday basis such with foods, liquids, etc: now the only thing the garlic does and this is to some is that it turns your nail color yellowish simply because of its natural juices and acids however this also means and shows that your nails are strong and not brittle.

Hint/tip: You can dice your garlic cloves and put inside of your clear nail polish and use your clear nail polish daily.  After removing old coats.

So you see it’s quite simple to grow long natural fingernails


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