Some people live through life hiding who they once were out of shame or guilt simply because they aren’t in acceptance of who they really are or who they once were without thinking that if it wasn’t for the person they once were it wouldn’t have made them into the person they are today which in my eyes is what is preparing them for the person they’ll be tomorrow. So let me ask you all.  Are you in acceptance with who you were yesterday ?, who you are today?, and who you will become tomorrow? I hope that everyone’s answer is yes!

I personally believe that there is no greater thirdly love then your owns I see the secondary to be the love of a Parent and the first great love is to be from God.! But again those are my own beliefs of course.. I for one can say I am not ashamed of who I once was many years ago With family and friends  it I was like a homeless child an orphan in a sense while sleeping in staircases, rooftops & even house to house I was a ugly person inside and out I lived a life that was going to lead and grow into destruction dealing drugs,taking drugs, drinking, close to prostitution, robbing, hanging out with multiple gangs just an explosive waiting to blow to nothing positive.

With everything down-falling I could have hated myself enough back then not to love myself enough to even go out there in that (concrete jungle) = to prior post) to make something positive happen in my life even though my choices weren’t the smartest of intents for myself at times. But that was the mentality I had being a young girl not that I will use as an excuse but it is what it is as they say. If it weren’t for all those trails and errors I wouldn’t have gotten so far in life as I have life lessons we all must face even with the world and family in my case; trying to make my life a living hell and with the helping hand of just a few. Those were my yesterday’s!

My today’s are brighter and stronger the world is my new horizons I love myself more then ever more then I did yesterday. Being well accomplished even when facing all the negative odds but that was back when.. Which leads me to my tomorrows which I patiently await what will become because of my strengths knowledge and wisdom’s of today.

I am my own inspiration ❤️ 

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