As many people here In the United States hear in the news of the devastating conditions Puerto Rico was left behind with. I know many American citizens can care less of this subjected matter but to each there own!ย 

In 2017 Puerto Rico was hit badly by hurricane Irma only to be followed by hurricane Maria which took hundreds of lives, and left millions homeless many islanders had no choice but to be transferred to the United States in efforts to survive since left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Since then the United States has and continues to help the islanders that now live in the United States. But it still leads me back to question the conditions Puerto Rico still faces yes some places have water and electricity and resources to food however what actions are being taken now to rebuild this beautiful island ?ย 

Puerto Rico still needs help! Itโ€™ll be a long time before farmers can grow again and companies to reproduce in efforts to support the Island and itโ€™s people overall humanity in itself I have attached some links that will help supported resources to give this island the proper help it truly needs to rebuild.ย 

Thank you & God Blessย 



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