Welcome one, welcome all… Bloggers! 

Today we’ll be discussing on how to start your own blog and or website without having to pay for online courses that charge X amount of  money that some starting bloggers don’t have to invest in yet. 

I’ve recently noticed that there are many groups in the wide world of media that await for new bloggers to join and ask questions to these “friendly groups” or lear new bloggers to join just so they can go ahead and welcome these new bloggers into the group in a comment post with all the newbie bloggers names. This is when they offer help and when the newbie blogger asks for a specific question they go ahead and tell you to watch thier video or read their blog which is all helpful but at the same time if they going to have privet messages with you then why not share the info ? There’s enough money and fame to go around! 

Which leads me to this blog,

What are the simple steps to building your own bloggers page or website(s)? Well it’s quite easy ladies & gentlemen first you must find resources such as #wordpress to start up your bloggers station create your account and start blogging this will be a testing station it will allow you to view your traffic in many forms which you yourself will need to see what type of posts your attracting traffic with. That will help you in knowing what to post / blog about. In the myths of it all you also want to now consider this as your personal online business because in a matter of days it will become just that, so if you want your online website to be successful consider it your business that’s just point blank! 

Following steps once your familiarized yourself with the WordPress site for instance your bloggers station and how it works youll then start doing research on what sites will fit your needs into making a domain to build your website there are a few good ones out there keep in mind that you want a website domain site that has good support services you don’t want to be left asking questions to a chat supporter I find them to be horrific and frustrating. Once you have set up your website your domain for a small and affordable price you’ll then want to do your research to find a web host this is where you’ll get all the tools you’ll need to edit and work on your website also for an affordable price in some cases shop around look into thier plans and what they offer you. Still pretty simple huh? Keep in mind these are all the facts and info that other bloggers are selling to new bloggers world wide, shame-shame! 

By Now after you have followed these steps you’ve had designed your webpage and learned to link up with your wordpress to transfer all your prior work so none is lost how great is that. Afterwards you’ll want to promote yourself #Twitter, #Facebook, #instagram , #pintrest etc: etc: all in the myths of you now expanding and growing your own business again it’s quite simple even for those who are not computer savvy. 

For more how to do ? Or any others question follow this site and story into more discussions.

Happy Blogging! 

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