Many have heard of this disease known as Alzheimer’s which The name Alzheimer’s comes from a German neurologist called Dr Alois Alzheimer, who in 1906 discovered abnormal clumps and irregular knots of brain cells in a woman, who had died of an unknown mental illness. Today I’ll give you a a rundown on what this disease does and what can you do to treat it accordingly. Alzheimer’s is a progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. symptoms gradually worsen over a number of  years. In its early stages, memory loss is mild, but with late-stage Alzheimer’s, individuals lose the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to their environment on cause of premature senility.

How to know if you or your loved one have or are starting the symptoms of Alzheimer’s ? Well you’ll need to get a medical diagnosis to determine that information many People may experience: cognitive: mental decline, difficulty thinking and understanding, confusion in the evening hours, delusion, disorientation, forgetfulness, making things up, mental confusion, difficulty concentrating, inability to create new memories, inability to do simple math, or inability to recognize common things: behavioral aggression, agitation, difficulty with self care, irritability, meaningless repetition of own words, personality changes, restlessness, lack of restraint, or wandering and getting lost Mood: anger, apathy, general discontent, loneliness, or mood swings Psychological: depression, hallucination, or paranoia Also common: inability to combine muscle movements, jumbled speech, or loss of appetite.  

How to treat Alzheimer’s ?  Well here’s the thing there is no cure so treatment consists of cognition enhancing medications for starters most common medications are w/o limitations (Donepezil) that mainly treats Alzheimer’s (Galantamine) this mainly treats dementia (Memantine) this treats dementia associated with Alzheimer’s. Self care Is another form of care for Alzheimer’s physical care Aerobic activity for 20-30 minutes 5 days a week improves cardiovascular health. If injured, pursuing an activity that avoids the injured muscle group or joint can help maintain physical function while recovering. Lastly Specialist’s occupational therapist, PCP = primary care provider check ups ,the care of a neorealist which focuses and treats on the nervous system disorders.  And overall trying to maintain good health and constant stimulation of your brain. 


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