The evening of February 18th 2017


 At the Orlando Amway Arena! Was sold out holding 20,000 people all to see the great event of The Comedy Get Down Tour staring with The Late Charlie Murphy, George Lopez, D.L Hughley, Eddie Griffin, and Cedric the Entertainer! 

The arenas entrances were completely crowded with all those 20,000 fans including myself anxiously awaiting for the doors to open, I must say the crowds weren’t rowdy at all everyone was just full of excitement! 

Once then Arenas doors opened everyone went on to get their food & drinks as they found themselves in their seats. Then the moment we were all waiting for the lights dimmed as the song of the Low rider song started to play and the arenas lights started to blink the crowd started cheering and clapping away as everyone knew who was already coming out first which was the Actor & Comedian Mr. George Lopez he seemed to be not as physically fit as his appearance on the screen however he looked healthy He first welcomed the 20,000 people that sat in the arena then he went on to start joking about the president Mr.Turmp everything he said was hilariously truthful he then went on about the Actor Mr. Eric Estrada which was also hilarious funny he interacted with the audience as he welcomed and introduced the next comedian to come out on stage which was now the Late Mr. Charlie Murphy

As the audience goes crazy cheering ,clapping ,whistling ,yelling The Actor, writer & Comedian Mr. Charlie Murphy comes onto the stage as he is greeted by George Lopez. Once Charlie Murphy took over the stage he began to speak he was very soft spoken and his appearance was noticeable that he has or was losing weight dramatically his jacket danced on him as if it wasn’t his fit, his facial features weren’t of the Charlie were all used to seeing on the screen he looked ill his cheeks were sinking in and his eyes from even a distance were droopy overall he seemed pained nevertheless he continued with his act and spoke about his brother Mr.Eddie Murphy he went on to tell us a jokingly story about his grandfather he spoke about his children as well overall he wasn’t as interactive with the audience at all. By then George Lopez came back to the stage to relieve Charlie Murphy from the stage. George Lopez once again took the stage and continued to tell jokes not before he has everyone cheer and show love and respect to Charlie Murphy even though by now Charlie was already off stage. George Lopez then announced the next comedian which was Actor, political commentator, radio host, author and stand-up comedian Mr. D.L Hughley. 

Mr. D.L. Hughley now takes the stage and was very well presentable to say the least he went on to mention how sexy everyone in the audience was as he started to interact  & make fun of some guests and their hairstyles he even made himself laugh he spoke about his children,wife and nieces & nephews he was very funny as well but had a demeanor of a serious person to my personal opinion. Shortly after George Lopez once again came on stage to relieve Mr.Hughley and went on to tell jokes before then announcing the next comedian which now was Actor & Comedian Mr. Eddie Griffin…

As now Eddie Griffin takes on the stage he was very swaggish and seemed very comfortable in his blue jumpsuit outfit he has well spoke about politics everyday current events family and faith all in funny terminologies of course everyone loved his performance, once again George Lopez relieved Griffin from the stage and pumped up the audience as he was demanding from the 20,000 people for their upmost respect to be given as he announced the next comedian which was Actor,T.v host & Comedian Mr.Cedric the Entertainer the crowd went wild bananas even lights went flashing as George Lopez asked everyone to light up the arena with our cell phones as Mr. Cedric came on to the stage with his old school Reggae music playing even when he arrived the crowds were still cheering on Mr.Cedric started dancing and whining to the reggae music as he welcomed and thanked everyone for the love given to him. He overall was very funny, cute and bubbly and seemed to be a cheerful person once Mr.Cedric was relieved by George Lopez all the Comedians came on stage and gave their appreciation to their guests as many took pictures and video. I can say this experience is one I will always remember I feel honored to have seen the Late Mr.Murphy in person. 

In memory of 

Mr.Charles Quinton Murphy 

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