Love letting your Fingernails grow long but hate getting chips or cracks ?

Well here’s a secret I’ve held for many years. Besides well maintenance your fingernails need care sometimes more then the norm, even tho the inexpensive garlic treatments help you grow your nails growth ,strengths sometimes you need more ammo to make sure you can grab things with ease without the worries or fuss of cracking or braking even chipping a nail the horrors of just the thought! Of having uneven fingernails especially if you use your hands like most of the women in the world do right!? 

Anyways let me show you all how I always maintained long extra strong nails to How I am able to even make a fist I can even change a tire if needed without worring about my nails ever!! 

Yes the Garlic works beautifully and is very helpful and much needed overall but Having extra inforcment is always helpful. Now you can make your nails stronger by applying a light layer of acrylic gel or powder to maintain and train your nails to become stronger as they grow. This is something you can also do yourself mainly all personal care sections in your pharmacy or beauty supply store have acrylic powder or and Gel, which won’t even run you more then $10 dollars. Or you can go to your local nail salon and have a nail technician apply it for you at a price of course which should be about $2 per finger in some places but it randoms depending locations so don’t quote me on price. Just know it is less the what the normal fee would be to apply acrylic onto artificial nails/tips. So when doing this you only want a light thin Layer of acrylic doing this to your long natural nail will maintain its upkeep and train your nails to harden as they grow. You can prolong this treatment until your nails are naturally strong enough & you’ll be the judge of that or you can minimize your treatment for certain fingernail lengths. Also if choosing the acrylic treatments weather it’s done by yourself or going to a nail tech it’s recommend that you that you refreshen your acrylic every 2-3 weeks as you will see your nail growing rapidly and when this happens your nail outgrows the acrylic so it will have to get filled. 

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