What is the correct way to do or have your eyebrows done ? Well this is the question many women don’t really know answer to. If there’s one thing to know it’s that not every style that comes out is fitted form our facial structures , it’s just like wearing a elegant dress with sneakers they just don’t match well same thing with eyebrows. Since we all men and woman have our very own different head and face structures we must take the proper measurements so our eyebrows fit our head and facial structure. Doing or having your eyebrows is weird science let me show you the basic and most common measurements of your face and head .. which will help you determine what eyebrow shape is best to fit and look!Besides the fact that beauty is from within , if a person is beautiful in the inside then it most definitely shows on the outside.


Once you have picked the shape of your face you can get that unique styled arch that will enhance your looks.


Another key point is knowing where to pluck whether it’s done by yourself or by a technician this also applies to waxing and threading. The brow pencils are used afterwards for those hassle hairs that won’t grow in, brow pencils are just to fill!! Not draw please keep the artist talents for canvassing on a sheet of drawing paper not your face! Unless it’s Halloween there is when you can get creative. Just make sure it’s not permanent..

Below are the worst 10 eyebrows just so most can get the idea of how your faces look when choosing the style over the fit. Just because the shoe fits don’t mean you can walk in them.



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