How do you know if your makeup is enhancing your true beauty?

Well it’s quite simple there are cosmetic rules that you must follow when applying makeup. Some women don’t really know that this is an art and it can not just be applied without some sort of knowledge not saying you need to have a masters degree to apply eyeliner but some acknowledgement of what your doing is preferred and needed in order to enhance your true structured beauties. From placing on eyeliner to blush They are all simple steps to applying makeup and having the ending results of flawlessness! Today I’ll give you a rundown on what’s first and last when applying makeup.

Step 1: Moisturizer before you begin applying your makeup take the time to prep your skin with a high quality moisturizer

Step 2: Primer

Step 3: Liquid foundation

Step 4: Concealer

Step 5: Foundation powder

Step 6: Bronzer

Step 7: Blush

Step 8: Highlighter

Step 9: Eyeshadow

Step 10: Eyeliner

Step 11: Mascara

Step 12: Lipgloss

Step 13: Setting spray & setting powder

Once these steps are taken your cosmetic application will truly enhance your true beauties without looking as if your personal cosmetic artist is a clown with heavy patches or globs of makeup.

Below is a few images of the top 10 worst makeup applications just to give an idea of what not to try at home unless it’s Halloween .

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