Do you love to take spontaneous road trips, Do you ever drive pass or see an expensive vehicle and say I’d love to drive that one day ? Well what would you think if I tell you that there’s a new way to travel and a new way to drive that expensive vehicle! How you ask ? One word! 


What is Turo? Turo is an app company that has linked up with thousands of people that host their vehicles. Something like a an Airbnb but with a vehicle. It’s pretty simple to rent a vehicle from local area(s) but let’s face it you’ll go to a rental car place for a special occasion on the town and you’ll end up with a minivan definitely not what you would want to drive for a night on the town. With Turo you pick the vehicle you want to drive, you pick the price ranges you can afford keep in mind all vehicle hosts are affordable so for example you can pick a newer model corvette for the same price of a older model minivan it all depends on location which the locations are through out the United States with keeping in mind Turo is growing and everyone is using this new way to Travel and commute without the fuss or worries of adding mileage to your own vehicle and all the other worries that come with driving your own vehicle.

With Turo the hosts set a price once you pick your selected vehicle you reserve it and make a day for pick up you pay an X amount for mileage which randoms But are all worth the trips wished to take. All the vehicles comes with insurance all you need is a valid drivers license and a valid payment method you choose how long you’ll need the vehicle as well with the cost of a few extra dollars for the extra mileage some to mostly all hosts rent thier vehicles for less then your local car rental place for more information and to give Turo a test drive you can download the app from your playstore or your apple App Store and simply make an account and start driving around the world.

Happy & Safe Travels



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