Why do males grow in beards ? Is it for the fashion ? Or Is it to look older or more mature? 

The percentage of Most men that have the clean look (baby face) and have no beards are at a 43% and decreasing by a years time period why is this? 

Well Studies show that the percentage of men with beards stand at a 57% of men in the United States alone.

The reasons of the 43% of men that shave off thier beards are because they don’t want to appear older, and they say that woman think they look younger, having no beards are easier to maintain, or simply because they don’t like the facial hair. Now the 57% of men say they grow their breads are because they like the fashion,and because most women like men with beards, some do it to cover up facial scars, to look more mature /older and sometimes just pure laziness and to keep warm for the winter season also because it’s less expensive to let grow out with the rugged look Which is an estimated $480.00 a year for maintenance which consists of keeping it trimmed up and well maintained with tools such as straight razors because with a regular razor they can not properly outline the angles,scissors for those stubborn stubs and also men even dye thier beards to cover the greys. 

So the issue of being with or without a beard is mainly a discussion of overall fashion so what’s the real question we should ask that would be how long is this trendy style going to end or has it just begun? 


2 thoughts on “With or without ?

  1. Nothing lasts forever. But it will take a very long time before the beard fever died down. Nice one from you Monalisa👍😍

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