The Autobiography of Chef Elizabeth Perez

Chef Elizabeth Perez was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in a city named Lares, her father and mother were both cooks as well, Ms.Perez tells us she thinks there is where she got her true talent to be able to create beautiful Culinary pieces of Art! 

Chef Perez tells us the story of how many years passed and she didn’t even imagine she was going to have a passion in cooking. In 1992 Chef Perez had the opportunity to work in a theme park in Orlando Florida, she mentions how there she “experienced the most beautiful adventure ever”! Chef Perez worked in that theme park for 20 years and tells us since then she loves to cook which is considered as Art that she truly loves to create since she has years of experience and is now an artist of food! Chef Perez also tells us that the best part about cooking is that she can express all the passion she has for cooking through her beautiful culinary art as she prepares her masterpieces with food, Chef Perez finds her satisfaction when her guests and random people taste her food by thier expressions on their faces. Chef Perez lastly tells us that the reasons she creates & serves such beautiful masterpieces which has become her favorite phrase is “Cooking with Love”

Below are just some of the Culinary Artwork that Chef Perez has shared with us.

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Autobiography & All rights /Images are copyrighted and belong to Ms.Elizabeth Perez


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