The Autobiography of

The Prophetess Ms.Guerline Janvier

The year was 1985 where Ms. Guerline Janvier was born in Haiti, At fifteen years old she came to the United States. Where there she at the age of sixteen became a Christian and was saved The Prophetess Ms.Janvier however tells us how she started a relationship with God in her twenties. She mentions how there’s a difference her words are [“A lot of people can be saved and still not have a relationship with God”]! 

Prophetess Ms.Janvier saids [“Just because i came to GOD! that doesn’t mean it was an easy walk for me or my children. I’ve been raped, homeless, was in a toxic marriage that almost made me lose my life.] – [“But even when I was facing all of these challenges in my life I Never gave up on my faith and most importantly I Never stopped trusting God! Because I knew God had a plan for me.!” Prophetess Ms. Janvier tells why it’s important for you to know who you are in the kingdom because when you know who you are you will know your attack is part in your journey so whatever come your way it will not stop you! 

In 2016 Ms.Janvier became an ordained prophetess. Ms.Janvier goes on to say and I quote. “I thank GOD for letting me know who is in his GOD that’s why I’m still standing strong and today by the Grace of GOD I have the Children of the king ministry I have the woman ministry and the Victory over HIV/AIDS ministry So everything I went through in past was building me for today that’s why in life even when we don’t understand Our pain but we should always trust GOD plan and I know that’s the only the beginning because, GOD said! whatever he start he will finish it, and I know my LORD savior will end my story great!” 

Prophetess Ms. Guerline Janvier is activily helping others in her community as she also travels the world in her missions , she also is working on her self written books titled “Your pain has a greater purpose” & “ A Prohet with no word “ just to name a few.

Ms. Janvier’s missions are as followed 

  • The Daughter of the king ministry
  • The children’s of the King ministries 
  • The Victory over HIV/AIDS ministry & feeding the homeless ministries 

All Located – @ The Greater Empowerment Church – 1117 NE 1st Terrace , Homested Fl 33030 / / 1-786 226-6826

In comtinuation Ms. Janvier also works close with

Go world Ministries where in April 2018 she will be in Canada at the church to preach. @ 2626 Dewdeney Ave E, Regina, Sk S4N 4V5 Canada. / / 1-639-999-7997 

For more info or to contact The Prophetess Ms. Janvier you can also go to  

Email: / 1-786-578-6882



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