Ever thought that we would live in a world that’s similar to the old school cartoon The Jetson’s ? Were they had a robot named Rosie that would place the laundry in one of her compartments and it would come out folded! Well ladies and gentlemen there’s a company that is now bringing us to what some might call or consider as the new millennium era. With what they call (Foldimate) it’s a machine like a washer that folds your clothing all you do is insert the clothes and it comes out folded. Every ones dream to make folding clothes so much easier and less time consuming.

#Amazon is one Company that has placed these machines on reserve (wish lists) persay as a rain check let’s say.. The estimated price for these foldimate will be around $980 which doesn’t include tax and shipping and as regulations vary by region of course. They’ll start to ship these machines out by late 2019 starting in the US then internationally based on demand. Which I see this being sold like hot cakes.

The speed on these machines is under 4 minutes so Imagine, getting your laundry folding done in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee!

Get ready to say holy cow!  Because The capacity of this machine is unlimited! Yes I said unlimited!  FoldiMate folds as long as you continue clipping. It’s power is a standard 110v – 240v & the Electric consumption of this machine is estimated to be low. Will you reserve your foldimate ? Or will you stay in the warp zone era!

Happy shopping!



Below is a featured video of the 2019 #foldimate



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