Welcome! Bloggers and blabbers 

When mentions or reads the word Blog many have the wrongful misconception that it is a stay at home mother who uses the Internet to blab about nonsense. Well I’m here today to correctly Inform & to ask an important question to all Bloggers here and there.

So let’s get blabbering about blogging! 

What is blogging?, it’s a personal website or webpage on which an individual (blogger) records opinions, informative links, random miscellaneous information, as a public figure due to the daily web activities. 

Why do people blog ? People blog for numberous reasons some blog as a hobby, some blog because it’s self employment opportunities simply because their is income that can be made by blogging. Some people do it to put their services and or products in a advertisement form for their business, some people blog so they can expand their networking opportunities with professional peers through their blogs they can establish their online reach. Blogging gives them the change to expose their content to broader audiences, which could lead to business and career opportunities. Since after all it’s a self built business. So you see it’s actually hard work and not just blabbering or rantings . 

So now all this blogging talk has me leading to the one question to all bloggers., When your fixing to blog of anything weather it’s informative, a review or an event experience do you find yourself blabbering? I’m sure there has to be blogging blooper moments. 

Happy Blogging! 

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