Crocheting is a handcrafted art that is commonly confused with knitting which is also a handcrafted art but there is a difference between them both. Both crafts use yarn to make items, but knitting is done with two knitting needles and the stitches are loops. Crocheting, on the other hand, is done with just one crochethook and the stitches resemble small knots. Knitting can be easier to learn because only two stitches are used: the knit stitch and purl stitch. Those are the differences between them both.  

The art of crocheting is one that has been around for centuries At the end of the 18th century, tambour evolved into what the French called “crochetin the air,” when the background fabric was discarded and the stitch worked on its own. Crochet began turning up in Europe in the early 1800s and was given a tremendous boost. So why do many people of all ages crochet ? Well for a number of reasons relaxation,income or as a hobby. Crocheting is such a enormous world of artistic handcrafted beauties. Crocheting is an art that can be self taught so What tools would you need to begin crocheting ?

  • Crochet hook
  • Pattern
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Large eye needle known as a yarn or darning needle
  • Measuring tape or ruler   


Crocheting is inexpensive to do but is not limited below I have shared a how to do for beginners. 

Beginner Crochet

What you need:

  • Worsted-weight yarn, any color or colors
  • Size G crochet hook;
  • Yarn needle with big eye
  • Small scissors

How to begin

slip knotStep 1: Hold crochet hook in right hand and make a slip knot on hook.

slip knot 2Step 2: Bring yarn over hook from back to front and grab it with hook.

one chain stitch

Step 3: Draw hooked yarn through slip knot and onto hook. This makes one chain stitch.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 in sequence 28 more times. You should have 29 chain stitches and one loop will remain on hook.


Step 4: Skip the first chain stitch.

first rowStep 5:Insert hook into center of next chain stitch. Draw yarn through the chain stitch and up onto the hook. There are now 2 loops on hook.

one single crochet stitchStep 6: Bring yarn over hook from back to front, and draw it through both loops on hook. One loop remains on the hook, and you have just made one single crochet stitch.

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 in each of the remaining 27 chains — be sure to work in the very last chain. You have now completed one row of single crochet. Measure your work; it should be about 7″ wide. If it is too wide, try again with fewer beginning chains. If it is too narrow, try again with more beginning chains.

end of rowStep 7: At the end of the row, make one chain stitch, then turn the work counter-clockwise, leaving the hook in the chain.

Now you can begin another row, working into the stitches of the previous row.

turn for next row

Step 8: Make one single crochet stitch in first stitch and in each remaining stitch of the previous row. Be sure to work into the last stitch. Chain 1, turn.
work to last stitch

Repeat Step 8 until the block measures 9″ long.

Finishing: Cut the yarn from the skein, leaving a 6″ end. Draw the hook straight up, bringing the yarn through the remaining loop on the hook.
leave 6 in. tail

Thread yarn into yarn needle and weave back and forth through stitches to secure.



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