Boy oh boy do I have the hot scoop for you so..

So Gossip about Gossip!

Let me start off by saying that Gossiping is wrong no matter how you look at it but it still happens on a regular basis, So let’s continue to Gossip! So here’s a little secret I don’t know if you knew or heard about Mrs.Gossip and how she is an addictive disease it has been brought to light that gossiping is a human sickness Gossip is like an open-sore, pus-yellowish green, venereal disease of the mouth. It drips, spreads, infiltrates, infects, and poisons the energy and minds of other people. 

Gossiping is the disease that spreads from mouth to mouth physiologists say that everyone loves to gossip, but there are people who gossip a bit too much these are the people who are addicted to what’s been and continuously growing like a human mental sickness called Gossip! Who would have ever known to this addictive sickness which now it’s being considered as a mental illness. Better known as the disease of destruction. Church leadership speak of it to be the ultimate destroyer, so as it’s being discovered  Gossip is even being discussed and preyed upon in religious places. 

They’ve studied gossiping and have discovered that when people gossip together,they form a stronger bond they say It’s a communal sort of thing, and women who gossip, even about each other, have much stronger friendships than those who don’t gossip at all. Which leads me to my final conclusion of my own beliefs and research Gossip is exactly what psychologists have discovered it to be, so while everyone finds to be so harmless regardless of the facts of the common urgency’s and addictive behaviors of having to speak gossip or hear it, Gossiping is a slow growing mental disease and should be treated immediately because it’s just like as dangerous as a lit match in a forest, Gossiping is also spread out like a wildfire. 

So instead of gossiping of the new neighbors or the new co-worker Let’s gossip awareness of the sickness and cures of the disease Mrs.Gossip! 

Stay healthy – Spread love – not gossip.

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