Many years ago it was not known or heard for a man  to wax, thread, trim or even pluck their eyebrows. In comparison to today’s men that are doing all of the above & even sometimes are doing it better then women, which is somewhat still raising not only eyebrows but questions as to why has this trend for men grown and become part of their grooming rituals ?  Well the reason some men pluck is to have the clean and neat look, some do it because they have a pretty boy persona, and some to grow & brighten more into their feminine side. And some men just to enhance their appearance.

Plucking in men has become very fashionable most famous men are doing not only for their video shoots or for their movie character this has truly become a new trend even though some people are bobbled by the fact especially those old schoolers who believe a mans appearance should be rugged. And this is where this trend for men become stereotypical. Nevertheless where does this lead this era and the trends to come will men start to wear wedges heels to appear taller next or putting extensions on their hair ? Hum? Leaves us to wonder and anxiously wait for the next trend! 


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