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Apple made a huge deal about 3D Touch when it came to the iPhone in 2015. Now, just a few generations later, Appleโ€™s pressure-sensitive screen technology might be on its way out the door!ย 

So many Apple customers frequently use and loveย this 3D feature so how will this change hurt Apple? In future iPhone sales?. So hereโ€™s the scoop according to Macrumors this has been a two year discussion of the upcoming blueprints for the 2019 iPhones with high end OLED models.ย , which they will use the same screen technology as the iPhone X. That still leaves the third rumored model, which is supposed to look like a larger version of the iPhone X .ย 

Could this be a good thing for consumers is my question even though I donโ€™t doubt Apple but what this all means in layman terms is that their going or looking into cheap less expensive screens and products, which as a iPhone customer myself I want my moneyโ€™s worth since we pay a good dollar for these iPhones and all their Apple products. Leads me to this question will they change iPads and all other products after they get good revanew for the upcoming changes ? I guess weโ€™ll all have to wait and see what information they release since again this is all talk from Macrumors.ย 

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