Mauzer’s is a type of a Dog breed they’re  a combination of  The Maltese dog breed & The Schnauzer dog breed. Having these two breeds combine will give you the ending result of Mauzer, (Ma) = from the word/name (Ma)-ltese. & (uzer) = from Sch-(nauzer). The combination of the two are pretty genes.

The MALTESE, Canis familiaris Maelitacus, is a small breed of dog in the Toy Group. It descends from dogs originating in the Central Mediterranean Area. There Temperaments =playful,fearless,docile,affectionate,sweet-tempered, lively,responsive,gentle,easygoing,intelligent,active. That weight for males typically is 6.6-8.8 lbs (3-4 kg) & the weight for females typically is 6.6-8.8 lbs (3-4kg) Their height for males are typically 8-10 inches (21-25cm), females 8-9 inches (20-23cm).

The SCHNAUZER, is a dog breed that originated in Germany from at least 14th-15th century, of Schnauzer breed type and progenitor of the Giant Schnauzer and Miniature Schnauzer. Weight: Male: 31–44 lbs (14–20 kg), Female: 31–44 lbs (14–20 kg). is energetic and intelligent. The Schnauzer will form very strong bonds with all family members, and this breed is an excellent watch dog. 

The MAUZER is a dog that is intelligent,docile,responsive,loving,playful & alert their height normally runs from 8-14 inches keep in mind that the Mauzer is not a purebred dog. The Mauzer is a great dog for singles, seniors, and families with older children. While the Mauzer is not aggressive toward younger children, small kids often have not quite learned how to handle a small dog and may pull the dog’s hair or otherwise hurt him/her.

Costs involved in owning a Mauzer. Puppies of this mixed breed cost between $250 to $750 at the moment.

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