Pathological jealously, also known as Morbid jealousy, Othello syndrome or delusional jealousy, is a psychological disorder in which a person is preoccupied with their thoughts. It’s known as a Mental Cancer!  Some Behavioral issues are known but not limited to socially unacceptable or abnormal behaviour related to these thoughts.  The most common cited forms of psychopathology in morbid jealousy  are delusions and obsessions. It is considered a subtype of delusional disorders since it’s all formed from the thoughts created in the mind. So unlike other delusional disorders, people who suffer from this disorder have a strong association with stalking , cyber stalking,sabotage, or even violence. It can be found in the context of schizophrenia and delusional disorder such as bipolar disorder,but is also associated with alcoholism and sexual dysfunction and has been reported after neurological illness. Jealousy is same as envy in Latin invidia is an emotion which occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievements, or possessions and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it. So let’s all agree that this is not a joke and should be taken serious, For those who are being jealous upon be patient and tolerant don’t consider it as an assault or taken in a immature thought. Proper medical care and treatment is highly recommend and suggested for this mental issue & there is help and resources available   Please follow the links below. 


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Mental Health Service crisis center :1-800-273-8255


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