It’s that time of the year again , where all the Mommy’s and Daddy’s have to get those Halloween decorations , costumes & everyone’s favorite part of what brings families together to make traditional marks and quality time. Where most parents freak out over Decorating the pumpkins! Oh the mess! 

Even though some parents don’t mind getting dirty with the kids but some just don’t have the time or energy. Well What if I told you that this year you don’t have to  freak out and still have your decorated pumpkin while spending the quality time with the kiddies. And the best part is that the kids roles in this is that the pumpkins don’t have to look as messy as a toddler was doing it. With the supervision from the parents of course. So here the top twenty NO CRAVING PUMPKIN IDEAS ! This means no hassle or major clean up for mom & dad and fun family time and self accomplishment for the kiddies. Everyone Wins! 


Happy Halloween Planning ! 


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