The hassles & battles of eating healthy seems to be everyone’s delema now a days well what would you think if I tell you and share one of many of my very own secrets to eating healthy and staying fit, feeling great! Who would’ve ever thought such thing can exist ? Well there is without having to go into drinking the not so tasteful shakes, without having to take weight lose pills, without doing endless work outs, and all those horrors that come along with living a healthy life. It’s all about training your stomach and body and mind of not needing all those bad sugars that so many have great volumes of intake. Let’s start by wanting to eat healthy firstly this only works if you really want it! So what’s next ? Convincing your mind that you can reach for that fruit instead of that bag of potato chips or candy bar this is when you’ll start training yourself and a test of willpower. It’s a studied fact that a addictive smoker will win the battle of smoking after 21 days. Well same thing when it comes across with the body & mind. So you’ll want to grab those fruits every time you get a sweet tooth or just for a snack. Fruits round the clock is the mission.  

Let’s get creative ! Strawberries,apples,bananas,grapes,peaches,mangos,watermelon etc; the best part is you can have your chocolate craves as well with Nutella it’s hazelnut taste marries well with any fruit used in small portions of course, you can also add walnuts to your fruit salads. If you change the fatty greasy foods for a bowl of fruits each day you’ll learn to see that your weight will come down slightly for best results keep active take long walks in the park and enjoy the scenery all while getting healthy. Very easy 


Stay Healthy. 


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