I think we can all agree that Some of Today’s young adults are misunderstood which is easily to do so since today’s era seems to be Out of Control. But there is Hope!

Today I’ll be introducing a young adult by the name of  Mr. Jonathan Juarbe who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Resigns in Queens, New York. But never claims the streets! As he doesn’t fail to mention. As he tells us about himself he starts off with this quote,. 

“Heartaches, headaches all aches are annoying, but yes God! is on our side so yes we live above it and take day by day”! 

Asking Mr.Jonathan Juarbe who exactly is he?, He replies, I am transformed and empowered by truth and life, I am ever lasting to help those that not need but want the help overcoming difficulties and obstacles in life. I am a loving Father and faithful son!. I am a workaholic and don’t settle for “it is what it is”! The very inspirational & motivated Mr.Juarbe automatically opened up like a book as he has much to tell the world. 

We can make the difference! Most of us just need to be reminded because we tend to forget And forgetting grabs up the minds space, to updates garbage! 

We went on to ask him. When did you start believing in God ? Mr. Juarbe replies Well, it’s not me believing there was a God., I lived to make myself happy and did what I wanted., I was always hanging out from youth. I know a lot of people and seen a lot of things most don’t,. It was the experience I had., it lead me to know something was always there protecting me, something Big!. Something ghostly. Mr.Juarbe gets more personal as he tells us.. I had my grandma tell me about God and I was a good listener she also told me about the evil things that were out there by experience she taught me not to give in to them and to seek something big. Many times I came to wanting to kill myself for different reasons.. I hated to know my mother was raised without a father I hated to see divided homes I question everything I possibly can., At 15 I was invited to a church., my question had answer in teaching I didn’t know about., many teaching in the world but this one touch my heart., I knew I was there for a reason. I was 15 when the one who told me about Jesus in my younger days pass away. I kept seeing things both in light and darkness. As I was a mix of both at the same time., I knew about God because I always felt he was there I knew it was him because he protected me ever since., however in my late teens I put him on hold because I wanted the things of the world. I wanted parties girls. Drinks smokes. Fights. I wanted to be the knock out king of the hood I was in. I would rob steal lie and run into trouble and walk away at times. I always felt I belong in the streets and to lead people into this life style was easy Later on I was grab up by God after I stole one of his daughters from church yet he bless me with 2 sons with her., still I was In and out wanting both as if it was my natural state. However I will Say God is a G, He let me think I had it all then he took back what was his and discipline me by not letting me die but go they things in life like having some friends shot and kill when it could of been me., getting lock up for nonsense but not doing the time I should of did. Getting caught with guns,drugs, & getting a slap on my wrist, Having Sons But not properly seeing them or prioritizing them. Yet God remained faithful, me not even knowing him nor wanting to know him. He show me he had all the control and the enemy was defeated long ago. Everything bad happening was the people who ran him out the lives and he show me why he takes away. 

We tend to go do things we aren’t meant for, We tend to go places we don’t belong in, I was getting tired of doing this back n forth, For every  5 steps front wards I would take 20 backwards, I lack wisdom so I ask. I stood in the street asking him where to go.He send me a person I met 10 years ago in management before going back to my mother house I met this person who said I am here for you. We met at the street corner as gospel music played out the car . I knew God answer me but was I patient no? However I still took that sign and headed to a place where it was like school and a hospital. For people that the enemy has try to confuse for many year a place where I don’t have to do both, where I didn’t have to be someone I was never intended to be. I learn God was always in pain sight and still is. So I ask him I’m here at this place. What next, show me guide me I need you. My family and friends need you., some people think he doesn’t talk. But I’m going to  tell you yes he does., are we trying to hear him or are we too distracted with life to hear his voice. He talks everyday with community signs good feels good vibes he is a great communicator I wanted to walk knowing I can count on him. So I did, then realizing he was always there!. I told myself let’s please him for I am a mess! People let me down and I let people down. But God he never lets me down. I always get jobs to get by and have a wonderful family not the perfect one but who out there has that?.  I learn how the true enemy was using family to cause damage division and loss that push me to fight for God, knowing the enemy had me or at least he thought God show up and show who’s boss!. I will walk by faith who things that I can’t see make more sense than what I do., I saw the enemy take out family’s and always working harder with mines so if no one step up. I did,. My grandma prep me and she knew I had something special. He told me her wrongs so that I can make the rights for the generation I lead. So these days I ask if you knew that creator is real and on your side what are we doing about it., he is looking for many more to step up and lead the lost ones who think it’s too late. His truth is Jesus his way is Jesus his life is Jesus. When we accept that he did does live in spirit and is with us and wants to teach us we learn we need to fight the right fight on behave of God. If God wanted to he can wipe us all but he uses what the enemy hates (us all) to prove a point. We were made perfect but screw up. His blood did clean us but still we live! When I learn the tricks of the devil I told him he’s stupid but smart, He really does look for the weak minded no knowledge, Of what Jesus came to do. He makes it a war about color when the fact is it’s a war for us all. When I stood side by side with demons in shadows I saw the same tricks the same witchcraft nothing new but nothing like back when th real evil was a display, I never change, God change me!! I was willing, I wanted to change but I learn it was him that had to change me all I had to do was be committed and follow the one true God. He show me 10000 difference false information and I me he show me, how by being me by staying focus on him by follow up with him by always talking to him even when it seem like he wasn’t there. He show me how the teacher stays quiet while the students test. So if this is a test, Why not want to pass ?, And go to the next level.. If the family was in kaos  why not study his words to speak life into anything lost. And if there are people that pass away why not believe we will see them again, why not make them proud. Yea I’m in the hood with all crazy’s but I’m not here to point a finger at them but to point to the direction of the light and cross. I get respect for it but Glory be to the father! I’m simply learning and seeing the right from wrong lies from truth and I’m going to stand up for mines. One way or another Truth be told truth sets you free!!!, Don’t tell me there is no Jesus! And amazing you write to me About this, I will detail this in days to come,, As I wait for that moment I take it day by day but really one day at a time. Thinking bout today not yesterday for that over with or tomorrow it hasn’t come. If you knew the wicked and true face of the enemy wouldn’t you fight against him rather then hit the side line and make it easy for him.

Mr.Juarbe goes on to Bless Ms.MonaLisa in the interview as he continued to express,   There is too much in my head and maybe thru my life I get to share more or less in detail, God bless you and your family keep God first place. He is as real as you want him to be. He is a living father. He has the best for you even if you don’t see it. It’s ok he’s in total control I pray whatever you doing goes big and touches many hearts. Maybe one day I will Pastor or teach a multitude. Anything for God! I’m here because of him! He bless my mother with me, And I with her, People say we all come from the same but have different routes, I think that is a misconception. What if we are meant to run the same way together. Wouldn’t that impact more lives than divided!?. 


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