When itโ€™s that time in most womanโ€™s lives they like To go more modern and yet have special items for their big day, some use the something old or something new something blue items as their great grandmothers blue earrings , some want to create their own dresses,vails,and the one thing that is sentimental to some the Bouquet.

Well here we have some tip ideas on how to create such masterpieces without having to pay double the amount in a florist. Sunflowers tend to be whatโ€™s in style now a days and whatโ€™s not to love about sunflowers ๐ŸŒปย they bring such a smile and joyful sensation when viewing them. Below are some images for a how to do it on your own. (Hint) To preserve bouquets after the occasion spray hairspray the flower pedals will stiffen and wonโ€™t die out, or you can freeze the boquete and take them out for a anniversary dinner then places in freezer once used this step can be repeated for a long time.ย 





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