Many parents of mainly infants and toddlers aren’t getting good sleep their walking around restless and like mummies, whether it’s becsus they don’t have the time since they’re always attending to the everyday parent responsibilities, attending to the infants endless needs, or chasing after the toddler(s). Well don’t be discouraged you can get the same amount of sleep/ rest that your child gets and if done correctly even more, where you will be more active then your infant or toddler. 


Nap. It’s a small word, but for most parents a hugely important one. Why? Sleep is a major requirement for good health, and for young kids to get enough of it and unfortunately neither do the parents, some daytime sleep is usually needed. Crucial physical and mental development occurs in early childhood, and naps provide much-needed downtime for growth and rejuvenation for children, not forgetting parents as well since it’s very important for parents to get their rest Otherwise they’re just overworked and finding themselves becoming overwhelmed in everything that occurs in parent and adulthood. So Here are a few hints and tips to parents all around about  Napping!. 

  1. Make a napping Schedule , infants / toddlers / young children shouldn’t take random naps. Plan out your daily plan activities, you can start off by adding your daily agendas on a calendar once you follow it , your activities will become your habits/routine after adjusting. 
  2. Prepare yourself for a rough change in the first week of you yourself following and adjusting your infant/toddler/young child to the new daily activities agenda and napping patterns. (Note: your child’s irritability will be high) But it passes.  
  3. The Most important daily agenda on your calendar should be Naps, but your probably thinking where’s the time ? Well this is the reason for a daily activities chart give yourself a timed schedule for your daily activities. 


6:30 a.m wake up time (hint) never allow yourself or child to oversleep) this calls for less time napping throughout the day. Brush teeth shower get dressed etc; both child and parent. If you have a young child give them 20 minutes to make thier bed as parent makes breakfast, if you have a toddler have them pick up toys or attemp to make their bed since now they are a big boy /girl. Or give them homework to do such as tracing thier ABC’s or 123’s or give them a coloring book keep them busy! This helps teaching them responsibility when they become of age to maintain their room clean etc: if you have an infant set them in a playpen or bassinet as this would be playtime for them. While parent makes breakfast or prepares meals for the day, cleans kitchen and if possible any other chores parent has to do. After lunch and midday activities it’s time to nap! Even if this means you’ll have to wash the laundry a bit later on in the day, or if you have to set an alarm to wake you up after a 20 minute nap for yourself and leaving the child taking an hour nap. This will give you so much time on your hands to do all the chores you need to attend to.. never allow the child to nap more than 1 hour. So you don’t want to play with your free time parents!, wake your child up and continue your activities with your child as you prepare them for the evening hours getting ready for dinner,bath time , putting Groceries away, folding laundry, etc; include your child to your chores again this helps the teaching progress later on. Plus it gives the child /toddler accomplishment awarded feeling and knowledge that they are just as important around the house and within the family. Before you know it, it’s time for bed which by now the child will b fast asleep after a long day filled with the activities that it’ll leave the parents well rested and awake to have adult time. 

 4. Never allow your child or yourself  to oversleep while taking naps. 

  1. Don’t make your daily agenda activities long spread your chores out through out the week there’s 5 days in a week including 2 weekend days use them to your advantage & schedule! 

Once these parent hack tips are followed parents will be able to take more naps becoming more activated less restless or tired all of the time leaving more room for longer activities and time on thier hands to be able to run thier household. 

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  1. This is so true! We do so much better with a scheduled nap. It’s the worst when my youngest falls asleep in the car. Thanks for sharing!

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