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The following is a historical timeline of the modern U.S. homeschooling movement from 1904 through -1950 It details the various and divergent aspects of homeschooling — from the leftist unschooling movement pioneered by John Holt to the conservative Christian takeover masterminded by Michael Farris, Gregg Harris, Mary Pride, and Brian Ray, the so-called “Four Pillars of Homeschooling.” The purpose of this timeline is to educate the public about how homeschooling has evolved over the years and also reveal divisions that have plagued it since its beginnings. Please keep in mind That homeschooling still exists & is rapidly growing in 2018. 


In the Indiana Appellate Court case State v. Peterman, the Court defines a school as “a place where instruction is imparted to the young” and holds that “a school at home counts as a private school.”


Influenced by the Catholic Worker movement, Norbert and Marion Shickel begin subsistence farming. They homeschool their 13 children and call their homeschool “Mary Hill Country School.” Their locschool district is not only impressed by their homeschooling, but also “actively sought [Marion] out to deal with some of their problem cases.”


In Illinois, Marjorie Levisen and her husband Lincoln are convicted of truancy for violating the state’s compulsory attendance law. Marjorie had decided to not enroll her daughter in public school and instead enrolled her in the Home Study Institute, a Seventh Day Adventist correspondence course. The Levisens are Seventh Day Adventists who believe “that the child should not be educated in competition with other children because it produces a pugnacious character, that the necessary atmosphere of faith in the Bible cannot be obtained in the public school, and that for the first eight or ten years of a child’s life the field or garden is the best schoolroom, the mother the best teacher, and nature the best lesson book.In the Illinois Supreme Court case People v. Levisen, the truancy conviction is overturned and the Court rules that Levisen’s homeschooling via correspondence course “did qualify as private schooling under Illinois law.

Now that we did our review let’s discuss the percentage of the numbers of families that choose to homeschool and the why now more then ever, And before I continue let’s all agree that our school systems aren’t failing us it’s society who isn’t providing the proper treatments, guidances, support to our communities children who then release their angers,anxieties,mental disorders on their peers. With so much young people shooting up classrooms it’s hard as a parent to let our children go off to school without the fear that they won’t ever come back home. So many families are turning into the direction of homeschooling. But which way is the most productive one for taking on such a task here are a few steps that will guide you towards the proper way to do so,

  1. Locate your state homeschool group
  2. Locate your local support group
  3. Join other homeschoolers online
  4. Subscribe to a homeschool magazine
  5. Read “how to” books about homeschooling
  6. Locate curriculum providers
  7. Go to your local teacher’s store
  8. Attend your first curriculum fair




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