Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, during a bubble bath after a long stressful day or week of work. Well who ever would have thought of drinking an alcoholic beverage with America’s favorite dessert Ice Cream! Well there’s serval icecream palors and companies that are introducing this new growing trendy treat. The flavors to these desserts seem delightful. The liquor-infused ice cream flavors are all inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails and are made with local and seasonal ingredients. Surprisingly The history of this trend has been out since the 1800’s way before some of us were born and or were legal to even purchase alcohol. The one thing that leave me to question is the nutritional facts since we already know about the nutrition information of ice cream not to fail to mention the dangers of alcohol. Which leads me to mention this quote of acknowledgment. We can not allow the harmful things of the world destroy us or have control over us we are allowed as adults to try such earthly trend such as: but it is to us to collaborate with responsibility. 


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