Most parents cry just for their kiddies to take naps!, Well after parents finding out the how to schedule their agendas throughout the day so they themselves can get a well rested sleep. If it’s an infant we must allow our infants to take multiple naps since that a growing process. When it obtains to toddlers we can schedule their naps so they can sleep throughout the night with no problems and so parents can get their rest as well as it’s just as important for parents as it is for our toddlers, So what can we do to keep our toddlers & young children awake during public outings such as trips to the supermarket, short trips, Doctor appointments, etc,. Some might agree to disagree that children need their sleep which were not debating that yes kids need sleep but NOT unbalanced unless naps. Which is not a healthy one for a growing child here’s why. 

Physical activity helps prevent or reduce health problems. It also helps manage your child’s weight. Below are other benefits of keeping your child active. … It boosts self-esteem by helping children feel confident about their bodies and appearance. So now you must be asking yourself well how do we keep a 3 year old up without hassles ? Here’s how… 

  1. No sleepy items aloud … This means pacifiers, blankets, lovies, or anything else typically associated with sleepy time.  On longer car rides Don’t struggle to not give the pacifier, this is the key to minimal crying, but also know that pacifiers often equals sleep.  Clearly if the crying gets loud enough, If you do not always follow your rule, you’ll usually end up paying for it later.
  2. Have a lot of distractions / entertainment … The back seat of our car is an arsenal of toddler entertainment.  Books, obnoxious electronic laptop type things, shaker bottles, wooden cars, and anything else might like doing while your child rides.  keeping a bag of toys and books directly behind the center console, so if the child tosses his/her current toy of out the seat, You can reach around and toss him a new one without ever taking your eyes off the road.
  3. Pack a mess free safe snack … Even when a child is tired, the promise of a favorite snack can buy you an extra few minutes when your stuck in traffic or hitting every red light. Stay armed with other mess-free snacks in case of emergency. Having a few different snack cups that keep from spilling or throwing food everywhere,  pack them with chunks of rice cake, pieces of dried fruit, or raisins. Giving the child a peanut butter sandwich that will be smeared all over the seat is not a good idea.  It’s important to make sure whatever you are offering, it’s something your child is very comfortable eating in order to minimize the chance of choking (since it will be hard for you to quickly jump out and assist!). 
  4. Do not play any movies those normally puts kids to sleep. 
  5. Do not feed heavy snacks or foods , milkshakes normally settle heavy and will put your kid to sleep you don’t want that!. 

As you see It is very easy to keep a child awake long enough in car rides to get to your destination while and continuing to keep your child occupied until you get back home just in time for a real nap that both mommy and kiddie can take together. 



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