The one thing both Men and Women stress over or give heavy thoughts to at one given point in their lives is over Wrinkles, But I ask why it’s something thing we all will encounter in our elder years and of course not everyone is as accepting in this change of life  we’re all going to reach eventually, even though with today’s technology and Botox and face lifting surgeries etc: to make the aging appearance seem more youthful. And as we all know that the blessings of not having wrinkles is due to our strong genes that we carry and good skin care as well. But what if I told you that there is a way to prolong wrinkles in a sense from my own secrets to clear and wrinkle free skin. Well we all know smoking causes wrinkles , unhealthy eating also causes wrinkles, unhealthy lifestyles etc; So even though many people really don’t practice healthy eating or exercise etc: Well what I have personally learned throughout my own practices & experiences is that if  I put lotions , facial creams, soaps,face washes my faces skin becomes somewhat tight but after two days or so the elasticity on my face loosens to where I myself notice as it sags, So I went ahead and stopped putting all these harmful chemicals on my face and just washed with cold water, and I choose cold water because in another self test I notice warm or semi hot water loosens the skin as well. When I wash with cold water only cleaning my face with soap of any kind used for the face my skin has become tight , smooth & wrinkle free I have strong genes that I carry as well but I truly believe that if  people would only use cold water to wash the skin truly stays tighter to where no wrinkles will come out. Also keeping your face away from the sun as we know that the sun causes cancers to the skin but it’s not health for your face, yes I do sunbathe but I tend to keep my face and body hydrated which helps beautifully. Many readers are probably thinking or saying to themselves well ok your young and actually I’m in my early 40’s and I have no wrinkles and I’m pretty confident to say it’s because of the practices I have continued to do when it comes to my skin care. 


Below is a wash I do use when I wash my face throughly every two days. Which I find this product to be the best when it comes to cleaning my face and feeling my face pours fresh.

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