In September 13, 2017 Hurricanes Maria and Irma hit the island of Puerto Rico among a few other Caribbean islands, The impact and devastation it caused in and left behind in Puerto Rico was horrifying. Many people have many different views and opinions of Puerto Rico being and not being part of the United States. Which ever it falls on people’s minds we’ll just let their opinions be but let’s comtinue to speak upon humanity. It became to a big problem for FEMA to provide money and resources of every sort to Puerto Rico where the Latino communities decided to take matters into their own hands and help support the island of Puerto Rico soft food,water,clothing,medical kits, ever so simple with things so little as flashlights, batteries,baby items etc: Even thought many did take proper precautions as they got ready for both storms but let’s speak truths who’s really ever prepared for such a deadly weather event ?. Many from the United States were suggested and questioned why islanders didn’t leave before the storm well leads me to answer that question with a question. Who is financially stable enough to pack and travel in a days notice ? & is it a crime to be financially unstable ? The millions who had no choice but to ride out the storms had well enough good reasons. Why would islanders be punished for not being able to leave the island due to funds? Why would islanders be punished to stay and try their best to protect their homes ?. They shouldn’t.. I’m sure many can agree when I say it’s not humane to punish or torture anyone that is in a great state of depression and in need of great assistance. Well now let’s get to the real matters as mentioned earlier many Latino communities and other resourceful agencies starting doing fundraisers, donations events, collections etc : all these functions collected billions of items such as food, water,clothing, etc : all in while FEMA was proving that they wasn’t assisting the islanders soon enough as it became a political issue as to assist the island or not. Which now it’s been a year to the date and islanders are still awaiting for some sort of  a responsive interface from FEMA, financially the island of Puerto Rico is looking more worst then what they were already looking but that doesn’t fall into the islanders but the political figures, congress and Puerto Rico’s  government officials. Islanders were literally left to ride the storm, and overcome the storm on their own as they only got false promises from the United government and FEMA, to this day there are containers  filled with supplies and millions of water that has not been provided out to the millions of people who don’t have families to send them packages via postal services and those who did the USPS employees were braking in and stealing people’s parcel packages filled with supplies. Leaving them helpless. The questions on hand are a few, now just because United States doesn’t speak about the aftermath of Puerto Rico it doesn’t mean  that the problem has ended.  September 2018 hurricane Florence is predicted to land in the south west park of United States in the North & South Carolina’s And days before the storm landed FEMA had 6.2 millions in emergency supplies and funds. Emergency companies were and are a stand by to rush in these two states and help the United States residents. Questions : Why wasn’t the same protocol taken the same way for Puerto Rico and even in 2015 to Haiti when they to sustained a state of emergency. ? For acknowledgement FEMA receives millions of dollars in funds yearly from the United States treasury department. 


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