When it comes to parents having their first baby, they will want to decorate the nursery from the overwhelming experience of becoming a new parent & making sure their first bundle of joy has everything new parents can only think a baby needs. Because even at these maternity moments as the babies in the womb, new parents are now being advised by friends and family members on their own birthing and raising children experiences,tips and tricks, mommy hacks, etc:  which is not always the same since every birth is different and so is the child as they are born with their own characteristics and needs. Which is a way for new parents to determine how their new born nursery will need. When I became a parent for the first time I read baby books , mommy to be books, lamas classes, watched tutorials, listened to every word everyone I came across with their advises. One thing everyone forgot to mention was that if it’s not needed don’t spend money on it. Babies grow extremely rapid, So while making that baby shower registry pick simple things that fall unto your babies needs as it continues to age, which includes nursery themes as first time parents I’m sure you want safety first before fashion or cuteness for your new born nursery, So having just one receiving blanket is enough in your bassinet   or crib and you can still get what ever themed character you want but Don’t Ever fill your bassinet or crib with stuff animals extra blankets or pillows , these items you can put as decoration if you want to spend that much money unto decorations but once you become a parent once more you’ll see it was wasted money. And any parent of multiple children will agree you won’t be doing the same things as you did for your first child. So how can you decorate your nursery in a safe manner ? And be able to recycle as the child age.? Well you want to get the things you Need don’t clutter your nursery because sooner then later it is going to become a toddlers room / playroom the. A big boy/girl room them teenagers room. So once you pick your theme colors etc what’s most important is getting a crib that converts to a toddler bed and into a day bed this will save you money that will be used on other things as your baby ages. Trust me, now the simple things such as diaper baskets those are o.k however you really don’t want to have a smelly diaper trash basket in your baby’s nursery plus later on when your infant turns into a toddler it will become a hazardous items as your toddler will explore and tip it over and climb inside of it and suffocate So that’s one decorative item you don’t have a prolonging use to it. Again , a waste of money. Make your nursery spacious many parents have learned to focus on their decorating skills to be put on the walls such as cartoon characters and just over all cute baby themes owls,baby Disney, the child’s name painted , stenciled , or hung with wooded items or frames etc:  Lastly you want a nursery room that is spacious enough for mommy and daddy to rock the baby to sleep on the rocking chair and yet spacious enough to allow the toddler to be enough room to crawl & walk without getting stuck between spaces or finding items to place in his or her mouth or tripping and bumping themselves with sharp corners or other items. Overall just HAVE FUN! decorating your new born nursery always keeping in mind while making your shower registry or shopping for your baby items with the Big and final questions for each item Can i use this item when the baby has aged ? Will this item be a hazardous item when the baby becomes a toddler ? Do I have much need for this item now and years to follow ? Do I want my baby to have the same theme when a young child ? Your own answers to each question will save you many nerve wracking trips to the emergency, and save you money that can be used for a vacation or your babies first birthday party, clothing etc. Also making sure to clean, paint the nursery before the baby comes home , it’s not healthy for the new born to inhale ,smell paint for this can cause respiratory issues, if painting the nursery while baby is at home make arrangements to have grandparents or other family members to babysit your baby overnight or until the smell of paint is completely out the house.  Enjoy and record all your moments with your new baby because they fast.  



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