In today’s Homes it is seldom that you will see the father at the head of the table reading the newspaper during breakfast, or mother snuggled on the couch reading a romantic novel, and or even reading Dr.Suess Books to the children. But remarkably there are some people that love to read ! So some first time parents are wondering to almost the point to freaking out on how to get their children to read. Well that’s easy, many to all parents still read to their infants and babies not only to put them to sleep but as a mind stimulation function. Which is one of the greatest ways and things to do while your child is young in infant stages to toddlers ages and young big boys/girls, One thing I learned as a parent and while employed with the Board of Education was that children especially in infant and toddler ages are like sponges they absorb everything !, So this is why it is recommended to parents to read to their children and encourage them to read on their own even if they really don’t know what the book reads it’s a healthy exercise and habit to teach them. If this is taught while very young it is more likely for your child to pick up a book when in their preteen years and there after in book phone apps or actually heading to the library. For infants there are soft squishy toy books that are safe enough for the infant to place In the mouth for toddlers there’s soft rubbery books that are safe for the terrible twos and horrible three toddlers   By the time your child is of preschool age they will know how to handle a kiddie book. But first parents need to read to their infants and make a FUN space just for reading !   Because parents worst parenting mistake is by making reading a chore or a punishment and it’s Not,. reading is fun and adventurous, and that’s the message parents want to bring across from the time your child is an infant and from there on. So make a cool opened fun yet relaxing space just for reading. Something as your child’s personal office they will feel superior, mature and confident in their very own reading space! You would decorate it, not as an adult Reading Nook but made to accommodate the child to their age. Filling your shelves with books doesn’t have to be expensive parents can go to thrift stores, clearance isles in your local department stores, the goodwill, and local schools book sale fundraisers. Always place age appropriate books if your child is three years old then you’ll want to get a book that a three year old can understand even if by then they just recognize pictures such as apples ,cows , cats , girl, flower etc. By your child having such books at this age even it is a mind stimulant of recognition. I can’t steess enough to Always make reading fun along with funny story books, coloring books, electronic books , always make it fun. And as Your child ages you can add other items to their reading nook, such as one of their favorite teddy bear , pillows for decoration and comfort , basically anything the child feels comfortable with and doesn’t overwhelm them with books also once of proper age allow your child to pick out their own books after mommy or daddy approves of  first handedly. Giving your child pick out the books parents approve of is giving the child independence and maturity and interest in books.  

📚  Happy Reading 📚 




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